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I Just Wish...

I would like to start this post out saying my heart and prayers are with those in Boston this morning. I can't imagine the fear and anguish they must feel after such a horrific event. I just don't understand people who have no value for life...

Yesterday, I watched my two boys staring wide eyed at the television as they watched the Boston Marathon bombings. The questions reeling in their little heads and spilling over their little lips. Why? How? Who did it? Did they "catch the bad guys? 

My heart broke as they formulated their own little opinions of today's world and its dangers. As I watched the innocence of thinking everyone loves like they do, disappear. 

We don't watch the news much. I hate that there is nothing but bad news on constantly. I never let my children see the coverage of movie theater shootings, the Newtown school shootings, the various mall shootings. I hate the fact that every time I walk into a movie theater that thought crosses my mind. I hate that going into large crowds makes me uneasily aware of what is going on around me. And I hate the fact that I wasn't able to keep those images out of my kid's innocent, little minds yesterday. 

As a matter of fact, we had just had this conversation with Jayden on Sunday. He had run off to a friends house in the neighborhood to play basketball one block over and had forgotten to tell us where he went. We found him quickly but still went over the importance of letting Mom and Dad know where you are at all times. We again talked about the dangers of talking to people you don't know. What to do if a stranger approaches you. Who to go to if you can't find your parents. And then this. 

This horrific act that no parent can protect your children or yourselves from, for that matter. The realities that even a school building is not a safe place anymore. The thought that a football game, trip to the mall, or any large gathering has turned into a potential place for terrorism. 

I just wish that my kids could ride their bikes all afternoon and "be home when the street lights come on" like I did. I wish that they could roam through the woods for hours playing like my husband did. I wish that the realities of today's world would go away. That my kids could have a happy world to grow up in. 

As the questions keep coming I'm trying hard to answer in the positive. To point out the thousands of GOOD people. The first responders, race volunteers, firemen, policemen, medical staff, and even the runners themselves who turned around to help someone else. It's so hard to teach love in a world of hate. To see good in such a bad situation. But it's there. We just have to keep looking for it. Raising it for the next generation and being it in this one. It's the only way we will have a better tomorrow. 


  1. I mentioned the being out after dark in my post today too. It's a different world today. And that's not always a good thing.

  2. Well said. (Ate dinner w/ your mom last night and missed you terribly.)

  3. It is hard to deal with when you have children. My older two were full of questions. I wish the same things as you...unfortunately, we have so much more to worry about these days!