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Easter Sunday Fun

Be prepared for picture overload! Sunday was such a nice day with family. We enjoyed the morning with our babies hiding Easter baskets and eating Cinnamon Rolls. 

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We managed to get a few good family pictures. Man, taking pictures of 4 is quite a job!

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After church, we headed down to my in-laws for lunch and our annual Easter egg hunt. 

Its always a good time with so many rowdy boys. And yes, rules are required. Haha.

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Owen got his share of swoons.

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And everyone came home with Easter goodies. 

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Hope you all enjoyed your Easter!


  1. Your little girl in that bathrobe and slippers? Cutest thing ever! What a fantastic family photo. You look absolutely gorgeous - how did you just have a baby?! And all color coordinated! Also, apparently I need to come to Easter egg hunts at your house if there are $20 bills involved! haha! I'm glad your family had such a wonderful Easter!

  2. What a great day! Your family picture is beautiful!

  3. You have a lovely family, Casey. You do look great for having just had a baby recently! I'm jealous. I seriously need to get back into shape after number three.