Health and Fitness Friday!

I'm finally starting to feel like myself after having baby Owen. At 16 weeks post-partum that may seem like a long time but it took a good 12 weeks to feel like I could really PUSH myself and then feel good while pushing myself. 

6 weeks ago, I started Jamie Eason's Live-Fit Trainer. I started slow. Worked with my body and progressed as I felt like I could. The great thing about this trainer is the first couple of weeks are nice and easy. It's weight lifting but not too much. No cardio, although I still ran. And no abs. There is a very doable diet that goes along with it. 6 weeks later I am pretty happy with the results. They aren't the results I would have gotten if I wasn't 16 weeks post-partum but they are results. I'm stronger, more tone and feeling healthier than I have in months! I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who needs a schedule like I do. And the best part, it's FREE!

Last weekend my sister-in-law invited me to do a spur-of-the-moment 5k. It was my first race post baby. I have done several outdoor runs of 3, 5, even 6 miles but there is something about a race that MOTIVATES you. Makes you run a little faster and push a little harder. 
I sorely underestimated how cold it was that morning so I ended up running in my jacket. :( But I loved seeing all these girls I haven't gotten to see in sooooo long!

 And I even got to see one of my Ohio besties! Love this girl to pieces!

It was such a fun run and my Nike tracker had me at 3.43 miles in 28.28 minutes! I was pretty impressed. Now I'm ready to get back into the saddle! I've already signed up for another 5k in the summer but I'm shooting for a half by fall. Sometimes it just takes a little getting out there to get the juices flowing again! :-)

Hope you have all had a fit week!

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  1. I am 8 weeks postpartum and just am getting back into exercising. I am not a runner and have no desire to be one. I enjoy getting up early (easy with baby) and walking. This morning was my first walk (solo for exercise) and it felt great.

  2. That is a really good time, way to go! I have finished a 5k at my best in 29 minutes and I am hoping to break it down to 27 minutes this year. I ran a 5k last weekend in a jacket and I should have known better! It was cold, but I got hot very fast in that jacket! :(

  3. Casey I've said it 100 times but you are amazing!!! I can't believe how quickly you've jumped back into running and working out and you look fabulous. You should be so proud!!!

  4. I'm running my first 5K ever this summer, and I'm super excited!

  5. Nice job! I can't wait to run with you again!