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Owen Jarrod ~ 4 Months!

I think I say this every month but I seriously can't believe my little guy is 4 months already! 1/3 of a year has passed. It makes me sad!

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He has really grown this month too. He holds his head up so well and I expect him to start rolling over any day now! We've made it to our side just not a full flip yet. :-)

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He is still quite the cuddle bug and loves to be held. I need to post some pictures of this guy as a baby. Owen is quite the look-a-like. 

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Most nights you can find him curled up on his Daddy or I like this. He usually falls right to sleep with his blanket.

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He also enjoys working on his man skills of falling asleep in the recliner. He had been quiet for a few minutes so I asked the boys if they were still holding him. They answered, no, he's asleep in Dad's chair! Lol. 

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Happy 4 Months little man!


  1. Awww he is so adorable sleeping alone on the couch!

  2. THAT LAST PIC! OMG that is just the most precious thing ever!!!

  3. He is so adorable! I need to see him before he gets much bigger.

  4. Happy 4 months, Simps! Auntie Molly loves you!