Owen's 3 Month Photo Shoot

We were a little behind in getting Owen's 3 month pictures done. A few weeks ago I took him in and just got back the most adorable photos. I know I have mentioned it before, but if you are in the Central Ohio area, I HIGHLY recommend A Moment In Time Studio. They have captured everything from our wedding to the birth of every child and all the milestones in between. And the pictures are just amazing.

 photo IMG_2665_zpsf89b0e4b.jpg

I love his little outfits hanging in the back of this one. It will be sweet memories of some of my favorite clothes of his. 

 photo IMG_2697_zps55c98754.jpg

This one is in his Dedication outfit. Both of the older boys wore this as well. I'm thinking I need a collage of all of them.

 photo IMG_2728_zpsbc36e193.jpg

Love these big blue eyes.

 photo IMG_2752_zpsbbb193df.jpg

This teddy bear is adorable. And Owen's little tongue sticking out is too cute.

 photo IMG_2799_zps6c73b40d.jpg

But this one melts my heart to pieces. This is the face I see most often. Sweet little innocence, filled with wonder. I'm so glad they captured this. 

 photo IMG_2808_zps0feb99ce.jpg


  1. These are all SO cute! I like the idea of his clothes in the background. And LOVE they all wore the same dedication outfit! So sweet!

  2. He is so cute. I really need to see him before he gets much bigger!

  3. Wonderful photos! He is just precious!

  4. oh my gosh, owen could not be any cuter. love your blog!