Owen Jarrod ~ 5 Months!

Our little buddy turned 5 months on the 4th. Yeah, I'm really behind getting this post up... 

 photo 5Months_zps135b5c10.jpg 

This is such a fun age! He's rolling over really well now. He giggles out loud and talks or "sings" to us on a regular basis. 99% of the time he's all smiles. And as you will see by the pictures below, when he's tired, he pretty much just falls asleep anywhere. He loves a blanket or his "baby" (the little animals head with the blanket bottom) over his face when he sleeps which pretty much freaks me out. Evan slept the same way until he was almost 2.

 photo IMG_4238_zps0f1d46ea.jpg 

 photo IMG_4255_zps6f046978.jpg

 photo IMG_4191_zpsdea3d47b.jpg

Last night he slept in his crib for the first time all. night. long. And he only woke up once to eat. I guess he heard my lack of sleep rant and decided to give me a break. My Mommy heart is aching with sadness. But my Mommy body is oh, so, very thankful. It's the first time in 5 months, I've woken up refreshed.

 photo IMG_4206_zpsb1f7e68a.jpg 

 photo IMG_4212_zps89944322.jpg 

Happy 5 months little man! We love you to pieces!


  1. Awww, he is adorable! Just so precious. The 2nd photo is my favorite. I completely agree with the sleeping in the crib, great for a restful night, but missing the baby snuggles.

    Oh and I nominated you for the Liebster Award Come over and check it out!

  2. What beautiful blue eyes he has!

  3. oh my! he is precious! you have such a beautiful family :)

  4. He's so adorable! I think he and Sophia would make a great couple. Lol. I kid! I know what you mean about being sad to see a stage go. Sophia hardly let's me rock her to sleep at all anymore :( on the other hand I can't imagine getting as little sleep as you do!

  5. Happy 5 months, Owen!
    He is adorable and I love that big smile!