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Someone's Turning 10!

My dear Jayden, 

Where do I start with this post. Double digits, two full hands, the big 1-0. How does 10 years just fly by? I remember the day like it was yesterday, sitting in the rocking chair in your room and talking to you via the belly. Just waiting with anticipation of seeing your precious face. You first made me a Mom and I can't thank you enough for that. You taught me what it was like to love more than I ever thought possible. To cope with my heart outside of my body. And to pour my heart and soul into the sweet boy you have become.

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From the moment you were born you were stubborn, independent, and quite the screamer. Through my struggle with milk production, you didn't even gain an ounce until you were 6 weeks old. I'm convinced your lean little body still suffers to this day. As a new mom, I worried about everything, and still do. And as the oldest, I know you feel that the most. 

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I see you with your brothers and sister and am so proud of the boy you have become. You are the most responsible 10 year old I know. From making your own breakfast to making sure Avery has brushed her teeth at night. You are such a big helper to me.

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I can't wait to see what amazing things you are going to do. You are driven and determined and although you will most likely have to find some balance in that, you will go far in life. I love you more than life itself and I'm so blessed to call you mine.

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Love, Mom


  1. He is so handsome and seems like such a sweet boy. Happy 10th Birthday, Jayden!

  2. he is such a stud!
    DOUBLE DIGITS. i cant imagine how that feels as a mom! your first babe is growing up!