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Disney! T-Rex and Port Orleans Riverside

So I finally got all 300 pictures downloaded and gone through from our Disney trip. We had such a blast! There were 18 of us total which for a really fun time. Be prepared for picture overload and probably a few days of Disney posts. Lol.

We also got to fly this time which was awesome!
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The kids were all representing in their Ohio State gear. :-) The only downside of flying was the baggage. I stressed for WEEKS over what I could and couldn't take and how many bags to check and carry on. All in all, we did well. We checked two large suitcases and carried on 2 smaller ones. The kids each also had a backpack for smaller items with snacks and entertainment.

The first night we ate at T-Rex in Downtown Disney. 

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If you have boys this place is a must. It was so awesome. The lights dim, the dinosaurs move and roar and each eating location has a different theme.

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I also have to say that this was one place that the food was actually good. I ordered the Shrimp Skewers and they were delicious. Every meal has a dinosaur theme which the boys just thought was hilarious. The only down side was that we used one of our meal plan dinners. Because they are only associated with Disney it took FOREVER to get our check.

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We stayed at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I had read mixed reviews about this resort so I was a little unsure about what to expect when we got there. Here's a couple things to keep in mind. This resort is one of the older ones but most of it has been completely redone. So... if you are looking at some pictures online changes are the ones that look "older" actually are. Definitely call to confirm this however if you are picky about age. All in all, we LOVED this place. I would definitely recommend it and will be staying here again.

The resort itself and the grounds are gorgeous.

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Nestled along the Sassagoula River, the resort is made to have the look and feel of New Orleans. Tree lined paths made for amazing morning runs and horse drawn carriage rides, various boats and fishing options gave unlimited varieties for down days. 

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Definitely be prepared to walk though. It was not too bad but did take about 4 minutes to get from our room to the dining hall and about 8 minutes to get to the bus stop. And if you're bringing strollers, you will have to make arrangements to get to an elevator or ramp. They are a little harder to find and sometimes require additional hiking.

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The rooms are made to look like mansions along the river and each section has its own smaller pool or there is a large kid friendly pool with slides and entertainment by the main buildings. 

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We stayed in the Royal Guest Rooms along the Magnolia Bend. The beds had "stars" that lit up when you pushed a button. Although "Princess" themed, it was not overdone and my boys didn't even seem to notice. We added a Pack-N-Play with very little inconvenience to size. And as little as you stay in your room anyway, I thought it very sufficient. 

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It's also a short and fun boat ride to Downtown Disney. Boating past the Port Orleans French Quarter and the beautiful bridges and landscaping of the entire resort. 
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The kids loved the boat rides. And we never found the wait time too long. 

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So, I'll load you up with more pictures later this week. Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!

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