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The Sleep Situation... Or Lack Thereof

This... is the state of my bedroom every. single. morning.

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The sleep situation goes a little like this in my home. 

  • I fall into bed sometime between 11:30 and midnight. Owen wakes up shortly after that and nurses and then I attempt to put him back in his crib. Success happens about every two nights or so.
  • Usually, about an hour after that, Avery wakes me up and wants a blanket and pillow to sleep on my floor. Evan comes in at some point and thankfully brings his own blanket and pillow. 
  • Around 3:30, Owen wakes back up to eat... and then definitely wants to be put in my bed to sleep. 
  • He is typically awakened again shortly thereafter by Avery, who often talks, screams, or fights with her brothers in her sleep. 
  • Once everyone is calmed down and back asleep we get about another hour before Jarrod wakes up for work. 
  • Owen is then back up at 6:30 to eat and is usually up for the day. 
And I am exhausted. I'm trying to find the fine line between just building a home with one very large master bedroom and locking my bedroom door at night. Lol. Obviously, this is one part of motherhood where I have sorely failed. Part of me says they won't sleep in there forever. And the other part says forever is going to come sooner rather than later when I die of sleep deprivation. 

Oh motherhood. You wear me out some days! 


  1. Bahaha! Your boys have always done that, haven't they! Cooper comes in our room and wakes me up every couple nights or so...maybe you should just let them all start in there so at least they aren't waking you to come in!

  2. reading this made me tired! i dont know how you do it, go you!

  3. Whew girl! You need a few nights of uninterrupted sleep!! I hope it comes soon!

  4. O goodness, that made me exhausted just reading it. You should go for a mommy weekend to a spa and catch up on some much needed rest:)

  5. I'm glad to know it's not just us!! Our kids do the same thing. I totally wish our split level home had all the bedrooms on one floor. I should be much skinnier from all the stair climbing I do each night! So, yes, sleep is a welcomed thing in our house and we are thankful when we get lots of it! Hang in there....