The Parade of Homes after Pinterest

A couple weekends ago we had a few hours to sneak away to the parade of homes. My MIL came and watched the older babies while Jarrod, Owen, and I had dinner and walked one of my most favorite events of the year.

 photo IMG_4263_zpsd9197a6b.jpg

Maybe it's the real estate agent in me, or maybe it's just my love of decor and home decorating, or maybe it's because I've always wanted to build a house of our own, but I was literally giddy inside all week thinking about getting to go. It has been several years since we have been and this year was awesome because there were some gorgeous, high end homes that I was dying to see.

 photo IMG_4265_zps57ae7be0.jpg

 photo IMG_4264_zps8d109acf.jpg

And one thing I love seeing is how homes evolve over the course of time. Of course, if you're custom building you may still want a formal dining room or a jacuzzi tub, but I was surprised to see that these were some "staple" features of years past that are on their way out. Replacing those things are amazingly beautiful showers, second master bedrooms and home offices.

 photo IMG_4282_zpsaa222170.jpg

What I didn't expect though was that most of what I saw I had already seen, or at least something similar... Thanks to Pinterest.

Like this amazing tub within a shower:

 photo IMG_4278_zps79857d4a.jpg 

Or these beautiful outdoor living spaces:

 photo IMG_4266_zps3b69bc50.jpg

 photo IMG_4287_zps4d87e335.jpg

I saw a lot of Ikat fabrics:

 photo IMG_4267_zpsa0b487df.jpg

And cute kids rooms:

 photo IMG_4268_zps0374be4a.jpg

There were amazing built in ideas:

 photo IMG_4277_zps2afc5891.jpg

Interior stone and beautiful windows:

 photo IMG_4272_zpsfe65708f.jpg

And a ton of Craftsman style accents:

 photo IMG_4284_zpscb3c4f82.jpg

 photo IMG_4286_zpsb708292f.jpg

So the bottom line? If you're looking to build or renovate, Pinterest can pretty much meet your needs for ideas. For me, I still enjoyed every minute of walking through the beautiful creations of these amazing builders and hope one day I will get to build a creation of my own. 


  1. I love every picture! Hopefully if we get to build I can incorporate some of those ideas!

  2. we are so obsessed with the parade of homes and luxury home tours too!! i always take pictures and have an entire "want" list on my phone. hahaha. i just cant help it - things are always so beautiful!