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Hi! Welcome to Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness. I'm Casey. Homeschooling mom of 4. Born and raised southerner who relocated north by marriage. I hold tight to my southern roots. Good home cooking, yes mam's, lots of hugs and kisses, and bless your hearts. I'm the family budgeter, meal planner, and organizer and use this little blog to share some tips and ideas I've learned over the years. 

 photo 10376836_10152350313478241_4290788195854163497_n_zpssdfkyjxd.jpg I'm married to Jarrod. A yankee Ohioan. Youngest of 4 boys and one of the biggest Buckeye fans around. He lives for his boys and has been completely wrapped by his little princess.

Our firstborn is Jayden. Strong willed, opinionated, and very driven. Always protecting his mama and younger siblings. He can remembers EVERYTHING and is always making sure I stay on schedule. Little league football player who is determined to go to the NFL. Most kids watch cartoons in the morning - Jayden watches ESPN.
 photo 11071742_10152961571873241_90737300967787782_n_zpsdstdggda.jpg
The middle child is Evan. Typical second born. Free spirit with the biggest heart ever. He loves his big brother and little sister. He is a natural comedian. Always making us laugh at the craziest times. Also a lover of sports. He plays football, basketball, and baseball.

 photo 11001911_10152923051538241_8687650527589665737_n_zpspamxpwqj.jpg Then we have the princess. Avery. The 6 year old boss of the family. All things girl rolled up into one. She is always happy. Changes clothes a hundred times a day and makes sure her "fingertails" are painted at all times. She is her daddy's heart and she gets away with everything.

And finally the caboose. Owen is almost 3. Our little surprise that we wouldn't exchange for the world. He's the size of a 1 year old but tough as nails. He has a face full of expressions that keep us constantly giggling and thinks he can do anything his big brother's do!

 photo 10612950_10153047337563241_898526273775026575_n_zpsupukz3hr.jpg Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world!


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog and had to chuckle about your firstborn son. Our almost 7 year old son also starts his day by watching ESPN to get the scores from the night before:). I am from Ohio (also Buckeye fan) and living in Michigan now and married to a huge Wolverine fan.

  2. from UBP13. Nice to meet you. Your family is beautiful! Sorry you're not a fan of Ohio. I love it, except for the Buckeyes. Big ND fans here. So much so that my daughter M was born in Sept '12 during a ND football game!

  3. I think might give your husband a run for his biggest Buckeye Fan. He actually carries a buckeye in his pocket at all times. He was once visiting us in Cali and our waiter was from Ohio and a big fan and was missing Ohio, so my uncle pulls out a buckeye from his pocket and hands it to our waiter. My husband and I sat in shock, the sheer fact that he carries one around...crazy fans!

  4. Hi!! New follower here, I found you on the UBP13! Your blog is absolutely amazing! I am a new blogger and hope you can come by and follow me at www.mybutterflyhaus.blogspot.com!

  5. I'm here from the blog party, and what a beautiful family you have! I'm the opposite from you. Born in the north, struggling along in the south! Following via GFC, and I hope you'll come check out my post, too! http://www.parentwin.com/2013/04/ultimate-blog-party-2013.html

  6. What a gorgeous bunch! Not quite sure how I arrived here! Looking forward to learning your mama skills with four! I have one little man and feel like I'm just getting by some days, ha!

  7. I’m late! I’m late! I’m stopping by from the UBP13. Gorgeous family! I hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.